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Why Join Our Team?

We’re a global software company and the leading digital agency. First established in 2017 as uddoyon and 2019 renamed as Easital Technologies Ltd.  in this time we have been the technology of choice to  43 companies. We specialize in helping our customers create exceptional user experiences and transform their business for the digital age.




Top to Join our Team

Helping people Thrive

Everyone wants to improve; to live a prosperous and fulfilling life. At Easital Technologies Ltd., that is goal number one: to ensure our employees thrive and in turn that our clients and their employees and channel partners reach their highest potential as well.

You Invest in You


You get to work with a global team in an innovative and fun environment and with world leading customers and a large, unique community..

Easital  like to think of ongoing training,  progress report and flowless feedback as our investment in your future. Flexible work schedules that allow for work/life integration and access to generous benefits and wellness support are just some of the signs you are in the right place. Your business flight got in past midnight and you haven’t done your laundry in weeks, you say? By all means, grab some extra shut eye and take the morning to do your laundry – your burnout won’t help anyone!

You Are Moved By the Power of Purpose

We are not commodities, we are people. Just as we search for a purpose in life, we should find meaning in work. Our leadership believes in the power of purpose. As you contribute your time, talent and ideas, you’ll see the impact you make at Creative Group, and for the employees and channel partners of our clients’ companies.

You Have Great Ideas

Are you an idea creator? We value Your thoughts. Whether it’s how we can be working more efficiently, Making new revenue channels or helping others thrive, we are here to listen. We’ve been known to turn employee ideas into important company programs and initiatives with real outcomes and full leadership backing. What does that mean? It means you don’t have to work at Facebook/Google to be allowed the freedom to dream.

You Grasp the Opportunity to Act naturally

Dress for your day. Be creative. Have some good times. Adorn your workspace. Unravel puzzles/challenges day by day. Simply act naturally. Since “yourself” is a special brain brimming with potential with a perspective that we urgently need to effectively utilize.

You Like to See and Be Seen

We place overwhelming an incentive on trust and straightforwardness. Individuals from the Innovative Gathering administration group will welcome you to lunch, or you can welcome them. They will be forthright with you and they really need to hear what you need to state. At the point when changes are going on, you are up to date – in any event, when the entirety of the appropriate responses haven’t exactly been made sense of yet. The best part about this? Perhaps you are the one with the appropriate response!


You Want to Work With a Company That Believes What You Believe

Organizations pick us when our center convictions adjust. We think you should choose us, only if your core beliefs align with ours, and we will do the same. We believe in honor, ownership, grit, heart, courage and curiosity just to name a few. What do you believe in?


Our Benefits

We don’t just talk about thriving – everything we do is with the goal of helping our associates, clients and communities Thrive.

Flexible Working Time
Paid Time Off
Health Insurance
Big office space